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  The Crosman 2240 has quickly become my favorite target pistol. At a cost of around $56 ( it is one of the
best values in Airguns out there today. It is Co2 powered so there is no pumping like the 1377 yet it is super accurate and
has lots of power. This Co2 pistol has more velocity shooting .22 cal pellets than most Co2 powerd .177 Cal pellet pistols.
This gun averaged 443.3fps over 5 shots shooting Benjamin Discovery 14.3 grain pellets and it averaged 515fps
shooting Crosman 9.5 grain alloy pellets. This power does come at a cost though. You will only get about 45 shots per 12
gram Co2 cartridge, and it is quite loud at 104.8db.
  The gun is made of mostly metal with a few plastic parts including the front Blade Sight, rear Sight and Breech and the
pistol grips. It weights 1.8lbs. The plastic pistol grips are much better than most Co2 pistols. Because the Co2 cartridge
goes into the cylinder, the grips are mounted solidly to the gun. They have an excellent shape and feel for both left and
right handed shooters. The rear sight is adjustable for both windage and elevation. The metal notched sight tab on the
rear sight can be flipped upside down to become a peep sight. Doing this gives me my best accuracy. At 18 feet I was
getting Shot Groups less than size of a quarter.
  This gun has been in production for a long time now, and for that reason it is one of the most customizable airguns ever
made. But if you are only going to add a steel breech and a few things like that, you might want to think about the
Crosman 2300KT from the Crosman Custom Shop. Just the Crosman 2240 and a steel breech kit will cost you at least
$91.00. A Crosman 2300KT with a steel breech and 7.5" .22 Cal barrel is only $87.70 from the Crosman Custom Shop
and the 2300KT is a much cleaner looking gun without all of the warnings stamped on the side. (See the pictures below)
  If you are looking for an entry level Target Pistol or to hone your shooting skills before you buy a real Gun. The 2240 is
your best bet. You'll have to look far and wide to find a better airgun for $56.
On th 2240 the Model and
warnings are stamped in and
really detract from the gun
On the 2300, the Logo and
Model Number are engraved
onto the gun and there is no
warning. This gun is much
more attractive.