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  This is another gun that I have mixed feelings for. For the two days that I had it, it was Dr. Jeckle and Mr. Hyde. When I
first took it out of the box and ran some shots over the Chrony to see what kind of power it had, for over a dozen shots it
was slinging .177 cal lead pellets at over 1400fps and alloy pellets at over 1600fps. I put the .22 cal barrel on it and the
bottom dropped out. The shots were mostly low fps and varied by several hundred feet per second. I found the breech seal
was bad so I replaced it. (Spare seal is included with the gun) The Chrony readings were still extremely erratic so I put
several drops of chamber lube in the chamber and that did nothing for it so I boxed it back up.
  The next day I decided to un-box it and do a quick review and was I surprised. I guess all this gun needed was to sit over
night with some chamber lube in it. It went from the most erratic gun I'd ever owned to one of the most consistent guns ever.
I have never seen an air rifle with less than a 10 foot per second extreme spread shooting alloy pellets before. It averaged
1163fps with 5.56 grain allot pellets and 1018fps shooting 6.9 grain lead pellet. It was just as consistent shooting .22 cal
lead pellets but it only averaged 758fps with 11.9 grain lead pellets. That equals 15.18fpe (Muzzle Energy). I was hoping for
a little better. That's only 5.25% bellow it's claimed fps but not the above claimed fps in .177 Cal. I might of kept it but I could
see that the breech seal was again starting to fray so I decided to return it.
  Because I was not going to keep it I never mounted the 4x32 Scope that was included but I did do a little target shooting
at 10 yards with open sights and was impressed. The TruGlo open sights are very nice and work well. The wood stock lacks
any checkering but looks very nice, I bought this gun from Mills FleetFarm when they had it on sale for $99.99. Their
normal price is $129.99. Most online retailers are asking $149.99. At the FleetFarm price this gun is a good deal but I would
not pay the higher price. I hope that this review helps you make your decision.